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Farmers Market Annex • 200 E Lyndale Ave N • Minneapolis, MN 55405 • 612-573-0148 •
Open April 29 thru October 29, 2017 • Saturday and Sunday • 6:30am to 1:30pm

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Our Vendors

Our Vendors

Welcome to the largest open air market in the region!We are open every Saturday and Sunday, April 29 - Oct 29, 2017, 6:30am - 1:30pm. Rain or shine, hot or cold we WILL be open!

Please note, DOGS AND OTHER PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED at the Farmers Market Annex due to federal, state, and local health code regulations. Please leave your pets at home while making your trip to the Farmers Market.

The Minneapolis Farmers Market is an experience like no other. Thousands of people each weekend come for a European bazaar-like atmosphere. It's a fun, relaxing, pleasant time and best of all it's FREE to park and come experience. You'll find great products, the freshest fruits and vegetables, concessions, entertainment and different scheduled activities throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Live Music

Every Weekend!

One of the things we take pride in is offering free live music every weekend. We have an excellent lineup of talented musicians who alternate days and weekends all season long. So grab some food and take a seat and enjoy some entertainment.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Brady Lillie
Josh Von Mink
Kirk and Low
Miles "Maestro P" Warren
Robert Scoggins
Stoney Savannah
Sunny Ray

Learn more about our musicians and find their contact information!

Art & Crafts

There's something about meeting the artist that makes the creation more meaningful. You can't do that at a mass retailer, but you can meet our craftsmen. Maybe even commission something special. Uniquely yours!

Fresh Cut Flowers

  • 32 Threads
  • Beads and Stitches
  • Bob Jensen Wood Turner
  • Cape Cod Chainsaw Art
  • City Stone Studio
  • Crysten Nesseth
  • Diane's Unique Gifts
  • Evla Pottery
  • Hair Metal
  • Jim & Krista Zahler
  • Kazos Designs
  • Kramlich Ink
  • Kuda Round Abouts
  • Mehndi Moon
  • Minnesota Awesome
  • MN Mitten Creations
  • Modern Screen Design
  • Naked Bear Naturals
  • Phoenix Designs
  • Pierced Wood
  • Plays Nicely with Paper
  • Pure Goodness
  • Raju's Arts
  • Renu Upholstery
  • Roseann's One Stop Body
  • Shakopee Candle Company
  • Stoneovation
  • Stonyhill & Co
  • Suri Oaks at Grace Ranch
  • Thread Impressions
  • Tonka Bay Fountians
  • Tweet Suites
  • Twin Cities Sisters in Crime

Learn more about our arts and craft vendors and find their contact information!

Food: Concessions

We are excited to have all new concessions at the Annex in 2017! Don't worry, the brats, mini donuts, and roasted sweet corn you love will still be here. Now, in addition, you will find a custom breakfast bakery, expanded coffee and expresso options, asian foods, gyros, burgers, vegetarian meals, and ice cream! Come hungry and leave happy!

Fresh Cut Flowers

Food: Growers & Meats

Nothing says "farmers market" more than finding fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers, grown using organic practices, and straight from the grower! Come and experience how really good fresh fruits and vegetables can be. It's the concept of slow food. Grown by local farmers, ripened naturally in the sun, harvested and sold to you at it's peak. We also have fresh meat that is pasture raised as well as fish and seafood responsibly harvested. Why did we ever get away from fresh, natural foods like that? You'll never go back!

Fresh Cut Flowers

  • Bare Honey
  • Big Island Farms
  • May Le Cha Family
  • Bee Chang Family
  • Ft Meyers Seafood
  • Mao Her
  • Kaying Farm
  • Neng Chou and Teng Lee
  • Mai Nhia Lor Family
  • Surrender Salmon
  • Tong Thao Family
  • Unparalleled Farms
  • Bee Vang Family
  • Dia Vang Family
  • Ge Vang Family
  • Mai Vang Family
  • Sue Vang Family
  • Lenny Xiong Family
  • Tong See & Yee Xiong Family
  • Doua Yang Family
  • Chanh Kevin Yang Family
  • Linda Yang Family

  • Learn more about our growers and find their contact information!

Food: Packaged

We have become the premier incubator space for a growing local population of specialty food manufacturers. Good food, a lot of which is made from local ingredients, is what you can expect to find. Also, high quality items brought in from all over the region.

Fresh Cut Flowers

  • Autumn Harvest Foods
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
  • Cookie Cups
  • Fat Cheeks Foods
  • Green Garden Bakery
  • I Got Cheese
  • Kettle Corn
  • Man Cave
  • Mean Green Hot Sauce
  • Nelly Belly's Sweet Shop
  • Nicky's Comfort Candy
  • Nuclear Nectar
  • Pastamore'
  • Tiny Footprint Coffee
  • Violas Vittles
  • Weed's Greens

Learn more about our food manufacturers and resellers and find their contact information!

Specialty Resellers

Our resellers are passionate about finding unique and wonderful products to carry. They scan the globe for that just right 'something' so you don't have to, and then they offer it to you at a great price. Aren't you lucky?

Fresh Cut Flowers

  • Altogether Anna
  • Ambertree
  • Amy Lea n Me
  • Artscapes
  • Bobby Harris Books
  • Cool Shades
  • Costyle World
  • Cutco
  • Deephaven Divas
  • From The East
  • Giftsongkhang
  • Hemp Bamboo & Things
  • I'm a Nut
  • Jackies LWS
  • Kevin Sylvers w/JD Salsa
  • Luxury Sheets
  • Maya Market
  • Mendoza Metalworks
  • Minnesota Rusco
  • NASH ~ Exclusive Design
  • Necessary Pieces
  • Norwex Group
  • Prolific Plant Probiotics
  • Real Time Pain Relief
  • Red Persimmon Imports
  • RK Fashion
  • Rosann’s One Stop Body Shop
  • Sonam Gyaltsen
  • Syndicate Sales Corp.
  • T Boutique
  • TC Distributors
  • Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry
  • Tilly Air Plants
  • Tupperware
  • Usborne Books
  • Wagz n Purz
  • Yangdon Collections
  • Z and G Fashion

Learn more about our speciality resellers and find their contact information!