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Open with Valentine Roses, Tulips, Bouquets and more, February 13 & 14
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Annex Office - 612-573-0148

Audrey - 612-965-7008

Packets & Forms

Choose your level of particiation and click the link to get the forms you'll neeed:

1. Annual Vendor Application Packet
~ Annual ~ 27 weeks same location
~ Annual (modified) ~ 14 of the 27 weeks, every other week same location

2. Occasional Weekend Vendor Application Packet
~ Occasional Weekend ~ casual attendance on a space available basis

3. Spring Vendor Application Packet
~ Spring ~ 1st 6 weeks of Market, save $60 over occasional weekend rates!

NOTE: The State Agriculture or Minneapolis Health Dept gets involved with ALL food. Click the links below to determine the correct forms

Sorry! NO CONCESSIONS openings at this time

Additional REQUIRED FORMS for growers and links for Food Sellers/Manufacturers:


  • Farmers Registration Form

  • Grower Addendum

  • FOOD VENDOR FORMS ~ Mpls Health Dept

  • SEASONAL FOOD PERMIT ~ used to be the following licenses: Farm Processor, Market Distributor, Market Manufacturer, Wild Harvester

  • Cottage Food Producers (Click to see qualifications and Requirements)

    CLICK HERE for the Minneapolis Website page explaing the licensing categories, with links to appropriate forms
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    Are you an Entrepreneur? What better way to jumpstart your business than to become a part of the largest open air market in the region? For over 20 years the Farmers Market Annex has jumpstarted many small businesses and helped them grow and thrive. So why are we the best market for your business?

    Lots of Customers

    Market Croud As we mentioned, we are part of the largest open air market in the region. Thousands of people come though the market every Saturday and Sunday, far more than any other farmers market in town. Even on rainy days, there is plenty of foot traffic, and those people aren’t coming to just walk around, they are here to spend money! You will be far from the only vendor here each weekend, but don’t let that worry you. That’s why all those people come, the more vendors, the more diversity of products, the more customers come to shop!

    A Next Generation Farmers Market

    Vendors We push ourselves to be on the forefront of what a farmers market is. We make our market more than just a market, we make it an experience; from live music, to promotional events, to an all around family friendly atmosphere. All this going on around the market won’t take away from people shopping your stand, but rather adds excitement for coming to the market. And excited shoppers like to buy things!

    Everything You Need

    Vendors We offer a wide range of vendor packages, from full season, to every other week, to spring time, to occasional vendors. We have 3 large covered pavilions for our vendors and plenty of space for free standing tents outside of those pavilions. Many of our stalls have access to electricity and our market has it’s own WiFi network for you to use. The market is well lit, clean, and we are always working on physical improvements. We opened new, indoor bathrooms in 2017 and will be opening a new commercial kitchen in 2018.

    Who Are We Looking For?

    Vendors We are always on the lookout for new concepts and specialty products to showcase here at the Farmers Market Annex. We would love to find vendors selling the offering the following:

    We hope you’ll consider the Farmers Market Annex when choosing a market to promote or grow your business. As always, if you have any questions about becoming a vendor give us a call or shoot us an email.