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200 E Lyndale Ave N • Minneapolis, MN 55405 • 612-573-0148 •
Open April 27 thru October 27, 2019 • Saturday and Sunday • 7:00am to 1:00pm
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Welcome to the Farmers Market Annex!

We are a Next Generation Farmers Market!

Here at the Annex... will find everything you expect to find at an urban famers market! We have artist and craftspeople with their beautiful creations. We have people selling their specialty items, from clothing, to pasta, to games, to cheese, and so much more. And of course we have our growers with their fresh produce, grown locally and with organic practices.

So what makes us a Next Generation Farmers Market? How about FOOD? It’s like eating at your favorite restaurant, only outdoors. Food cooked fresh right in front of you! From the classics to the unique to the healthy and gluten free, you will find so much deliciousness! How about live music every weekend from a wide range of talented musicians. And how about a family friendly environment where the kids will have as much fun experiencing the market as you will.

Shopping at the Farmers Market Annex is an experience like no other. Use the links below to learn more about our vendors, our mission, and how to be a part of a Next Generation Farmers Market.
The Harvest

has Arrived!


Now true, we’ve had local spring produce in for the last month, but the mother load has finally arrived! Cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, onions, and so much more! All grown here in Minnesota (or western Wisconsin) and grown with organic practices. The selection will only get bigger and better as the summer move on.

Once you find your fresh produce, we have plenty for you do with it. Obviously you most often cook with it, but why not add it to a pasta dish (wheat, gluten free or sweet potato noodles), or melt some pepper jack cheese over it, or grill it up as kabobs with steak or pork? You can find the ingredients for all that right here at the Annex!

Of course you have to prep and store that fresh produce too. You’ll find Spiralizers, Tupperware, and more at the market as well. So come to the Annex and let us be your one stop shop for everything you need for a fresh, homegrown, and delicious dinner!

We are open every Saturday and Sunday, 7:00am - 1:00pm, though the end of October, with extended hours Memorial Day weekend, 7:00am - 2:00pm!


We much more than just a farmers market at the Annex!

What else are you looking for?

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