The Kitchen

  • Constructed in 2018
  • Large unencumbered parking area
  • Full sized garage door so vehicles can pull right up for easy loading and unloading
  • Facility is on ground level with no steps in and out
  • Key fob lock system for 24-7 access, 24-hour monitoring system
  • Kept very clean and well maintained

The Equipment

  • Two full sized stacked convection ovens
  • Four top stove with oven
  • Multiple stainless-steel prep tables
  • Prep sink, three compartment cleaning sink and hand washing sinks
  • Eco lab cleaning system Hobart three-minute commercial dishwasher
  • Large stand mixer
  • Prep refrigerator within the kitchen

The Storage

  • 20’ x 40’ walk in cooler
  • 10’ x 16’ walk in freezer
  • Storage lockers for equipment and other non-food related goods (November-March)